NEW JERSEY (February 25, 2022): In solidarity with our brothers and sisters nationwide in the global Freedom Convoy phenomenon, a peaceful, nonpartisan convoy & event has been planned statewide in New Jersey from March 5th – March 6th, 2022. We Americans love our freedoms and our country. This convoy aims to restore our civil liberties and freedoms. Our goal is to protect the freedom of choice for future generations. It’s not about political parties, but more so, we believe our government has forgotten its place and has no regard for our Founding Fathers’ instructions, The Constitution of the United States of America. We believe that the power of politicians on all sides has been abused. We demand our voices be heard once again. We, The People, of all political affiliations & walks of life, demand the restoration of our democracy and an end to all unconstitutional mandates.

The North NJ Convoy begins on 10am Saturday, March 5th in Mahwah. The South NJ Convoy starts on Sunday, March 6th in Galloway at 11am on the Southeast side and 10am on the same day for the Southwest side in New Egypt – both heading towards the Salem County Fairgrounds Finale Event. Our entire schedule of state events are peaceful, nonpartisan, lawful, and family/child-friendly. Political flags of all kinds are discouraged, other than the US flag.

The Salem County Fairgrounds NJ State Finale is on Sunday, March 6th, opening at 2:00 pm after our truckers & convoy participants arrive safely. This event will feature a live concert by New Jersey native musical artist & patriot Michale Graves (former frontman & singer/songwriter of The Misfits) and local New Jersey band, Imagi-Nation. Our Garden State’s farmers are invited to join our truckers. Food trucks, festivities for children, including a “Cards for Truckers” craft workshop, bounce castle, temporary tattoo station, and many more exciting features for all ages will be available to the public at this 25+ acre venue with plenty of free overnight parking for our convoy participants. Special guest speakers will be attending, from all walks of life & political perspectives.

Please RSVP to stay tuned for more exciting details to come:

Additionally, the New Jersey Convoy plans include a mid-route Welcome Halftime on March 5th at the New Egypt Speedway, beginning at 6:30 pm. Special guest speakers, entertainment, music, food, and fun will also be available at this event.

The public is free to attend all events in support of our truckers, bikers, farmers, and passenger vehicles participating in this convoy. You are encouraged to bring donations of sealed food, snacks, water, clothing, cards from kids, etc., for the truckers as they prepare to venture onward in a peaceful display of freedom. A trailer will be available at both events to drop off supplies, food, and other donations for our truckers. We also have a list of drop-off locations being made in your local area, if you cannot attend. These drop-off locations will bring the items directly to Salem County Fairgrounds to be added to the donations trailer going with the convoy from NJ on the morning of March 7th. A list of recommended items is found pinned at the top of the official New Jersey Convoy Social Media websites. ALL donations will go directly to the convoy route participants who will choose to leave our state the following day, and not to those who are traveling home.

NJ Route Map


The NJ Convoy peaceful assembly does NOT officially condone nor discourage any convoy participants from venturing onward to our nation’s capital on the morning of the 7th. It is entirely up to the individual participant of these convoys to make those decisions. While we are in solidarity with this movement, the NJ Convoy planning and coordination begins and ends in the state of New Jersey, and truckers will continue out of the state of New Jersey of their own free will.

The Salem County Fairgrounds is our final destination after this lawful and peaceful state assembly of nonpartisan solidarity. We are unpaid volunteers, some of which are mothers of young children, not under the umbrella of any organization, corporation, or political party. Solidarity is an awareness of shared interests, objectives, standards, and sympathies, creating a psychological sense of unity of groups or classes, which rejects the class conflict. It refers to the ties in a society that bind people together as one. Note that “solidarity” does not mean “affiliates” or entities from the same embodying organization.

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ALL INFORMATION WILL BE VERIFIED, OR YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FROM ACCESSING CONVOY UPDATES. We advise ALL members to fill out every part of the form so we can contact you if need be for updates as well.

As a volunteer and member of the NJ Freedom Convoy, I am not and will not demand that anyone participate in the convoy to DC or any rallies relating to the convoy. I respect that each individual has the Freedom and Right to make their own choices. I am responsible for myself and the decisions that I make.

I will not insight violence upon anyone as a representative of the NJ Freedom Convoy.

NJ Freedom Convoy discourages traveling to ANY part of DC to rally.